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      Game and creation spatial ability test aided by 3D models and AR cell phone application [1]
      Garantovani protoci nizvodno od hidroelektrana [1]
      Garden cultural heritage spatial functionalities: The case of anamorphosis abscondita at Vaux-le-Vicomte [1]
      Gemetrijski nelinearna analiza laminiranih kompozitnih ploča korišćenjem slojevitog modela pomeranja [1]
      Generalized arago-fresnel laws: the eme-flow-line description [1]
      Generalized plasticity model for inelastic RCFT column response [1]
      Generalized plasticity model for nonlinear space frame analysis [1]
      Generating a Type of Concave Cupolae of Fourth Sort [1]
      Generating Curves of Higher Order Using the Generalisation of Hügelschäffer’ Egg Curve construction [1]
      Genetic algorithms for assigning tasks to construction machine operators [1]
      Genetski algoritmi za rasporedivanje rukovatelja gradevinskih strojeva [1]
      Geodata management by developing of national data infrastructure in the republic of Serbia [1]
      Geodetic deformation monitoring of the factory facility for waste water treatment [1]
      Geodetic education and practice in the Republic of Serbia: Past and present [1]
      Geodetic infrastructure of Serbia [1]
      Geodetic method using in obtaining designed geometry of civil structures [1]
      Geodetic works during the estimation of the vertical displacement of a bridge under a load test [1]
      Geoid determination in Serbia [1]
      Geological Units Classification of Multispectral Images by Using Support Vector Machines [1]
      Geological, morphologic and pedologic components of the teroir of Smederevka [1]