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      Validacija i implementacija HASP konstitutivnog modela za prekonsolidovane gline [1]
      Validacija podataka hidrotehničkih procesa [1]
      Validation and comparison of several global geopotential models with an official quasigeoid solution of Serbia [1]
      Validation and implementation of HASP constitutive model for overconsolidated clays [1]
      Validation of hydro-environmental data [1]
      Valorization of Fly Ash from a Thermal Power Plant for Producing High - Performance Self-Compacting Concrete [1]
      Valorization of waste sulfur in synthesis of eco-friendly self-compacting concrete [1]
      Value framework for evaluation of land banks/funds [1]
      Valuing an option to abandon a PPP toll road project [1]
      Variable Speed Pump Modeling Using PID Control in EPA SWMM [1]
      Variations of Concave Pyramids of Second Sort with an Even Number of Base Sides [1]
      Variations of total electron content over Serbia during the increased solar activity period in 2013 and 2014 [1]
      Varijante međusobnog položaja direktrisa kosog jednogranog eliptičkog hiperboloida [1]
      Varijantno idejno rešenje denivelisane raskrsnice "Radnička" na prilazu Mostu na Adi - koncept "modifikovana detelina sa dve poludirektne rampe" [1]
      Various Series Related to the Polylogarithmic Function [1]
      Vehicle speed influence on the dynamic amplification factor of bridges [1]
      Vehicle swept path analysis based on GPS data [1]
      Velike vode i hidraulička bezbednost ispunjenih jalovišta [1]
      Velocity field and discharge measurements at the turbine inlet of Iron Gate 2 hydropower plant [1]
      Ventilation of long road tunnels in regular and accidental conditions of functioning [1]