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      Balanced scorecard implementation in construction industry [1]
      Base isolation in buildings [1]
      Basic kinematic analysis of rock slope using terrestrial 3D laser scanning on the M-22 highroad pilot site [1]
      Basic principles and rules for design, calculation and construction of mansory structures according to EC 6 and EC 8 [1]
      Basic principles of 3D concrete printing in the light of sustainable development [1]
      Baza podataka za upravljanje radom fabrike betona [1]
      Beam theory in spline parametric cooridinate. Part I [1]
      Beam theory in spline parametric cooridinate. Part II: examples [1]
      Bearing capacity and stability of elastically fixed cft slender columns [1]
      Bearing capacity calculation for middle slender and slender CFT circular columns [1]
      Bearing Capacity of Circular Concrete Fulled Steel Tube Columns. [1]
      Bed-mounted Electro Magnetic meters: Assessment of the (Missing) Technical Parameters [1]
      Bed-mounted Electro Magnetic meters: Implications for robust velocity measurement in Urban Drainage systems [2]
      Behavior of grouped headed studs in composite beam from steel and concrete [1]
      Behavior of smart ballistic composite materials: Comparisons experimental results with numerical simulations [1]
      Behavior of the frame structures in elasto-plastic domain [1]
      Behaviour and design of bolted connectors with mechanical coupler: an overview [1]
      Behaviour of built-up stainless steel members subjected to axial compression [3]
      Behaviour of demountable steel-concrete composite beams with bolts and headed studs [1]
      Behaviour of duplex stainless steel bolted connections [1]