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      Cadastral data services on internet in Serbia [1]
      Calculation of additional stresses in track on bridge [1]
      Calculation of chemical doses for water stabilization [1]
      Calculation of Impedance Functions by Usage of Integral Transform Method [1]
      Calculation of load capacity and stability of moderately slender and slender axial loaded circular CFT columns [1]
      Calculation of stone sill overflowing during low discharges [1]
      Calculation of vertical seismic hydrodinamic loads [1]
      Calibrating and validating a FE model for long-term behavior of RC beams [1]
      Calibration of a 1D/1D urban flood model using 1D/2D model results in the absence of field data [1]
      Calibration of the bolt pretension by strain gauges vs. FEA [2]
      Calibration of the high strenght bolts for measuring of the pretension force [1]
      Calibration of the levelling rods using laser interferometer [1]
      CAMPREL: A New Adaptive Conformal Cartographic Projection [1]
      Can a 3D-Numerical Model be a Substitute to a Physical Model in Estimating Parameters of 1D-Confluence Models? [1]
      Can a 3D-numerical model be a substitute to a physical model in estimating parameters of 1D-confluence models? [1]
      Can we use a simple modelling tool to validate stormwater biofilters for herbicides treatment? [1]
      Capturing dam geometry by Lidar and multibeam technology for visualization of structural deformations - Case study Dam Bečej [1]
      Capturing Uncertainties in Estimating Toll Rates [1]
      Carbonation resistance of high volume fly ash concrete estimated with accelerated and natural tests [1]
      Catastrophic risks and sustainable development [1]