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      Idejno rešenje denivelisane raskrsnice na ukrštaju ulica Maksima Gorkog i Južnog bulevara [1]
      Idejno rešenje denivelisanog priključka Spoljne Magistralne Tangente (SMT) na deonicu postojećeg autoputa u Beogradu [1]
      Idejno rešenje druge poletno-sletne staze Beogradskog aerodroma ,,Nikola Tesla'' sa pretećim manevarskim površinama [1]
      Identification of flutter derivatives by forced vibration tests [1]
      Identification of homogeneous regions for runoff estimation in ungauged basins [1]
      Identification of leak characteristics in pipe systems by dynamic monitoring [1]
      Identification of movements using different geodetic methods of deformation analysis [1]
      Identifikacija parametara modifikovanog Cam-Clay materijalnog modela primenom MKE, [1]
      Illegal construction - individual benefit and immeasurable social damage [1]
      Image positions of a vertical rod in a liquid-filled cylindrical container [1]
      Image Processing for Hydraulic Jump Free-Surface Detection [1]
      Image processing for hydraulic jump free-surface detection: coupled gradient/machine learning model [1]
      Impact of calibration period on parameter estimates in the conceptual hydrologic models of various structures [1]
      Impact of Climate Change on Pavement Structural Performance [1]
      Impact of climate change on Serbian water management and measures for protection against negative impacts [1]
      Impact of CO2 Emissions on Low Volume Road Maintenance Policy: Case Study of Serbia [1]
      Impact of geo-environmental factors on landslide susceptibility using an AHP method: A case study of Fruška Gora Mt., Serbia [1]
      Impact of leachate filtration on slope failure potential of landfill side walls [1]
      Impact of New Technologies for Spatial Data Acquisition and Management on Land Consolidations in Serbia [1]
      Impact of precipitation and human activities on suspended sediment transport load in the Velika Morava River Basin (Serbia) [1]