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      Impact of precipitation and human activities on suspended sediment transport load in the Velika Morava River Basin (Serbia) [1]
      Impact of Spatial Resolution of Fully-distributed Hydrologic Models on Flood Forecasting [1]
      Impact of surroundings on the local peak pressure in high-rise building clusters [1]
      Impact of technical and socio-economic factors on the development strategy of water supply system - Municipality Pančevo Case Study [1]
      Impact of the calibration period on the conceptual rainfall-runoff model parameter estimates [1]
      Impacts of partial water re-routing from the Buna and Bregava catchments in the catchment of Trebišnjica river [1]
      Impedance matrix for four adjacent rigid surface foundations [1]
      Imperfection sensitivity of plates on thermal environment [1]
      Imperfection sensitivity study of hot-rolled and laser-welded stainless steel angle columns [1]
      Implementacija CORINE Land Cover projekta u Srbiji i Crnoj Gori [1]
      Implementacija novih medija sa ciljem unapređenja percepcije i konstrukcije geometrijskih formi u inženjerskoj edukaciji [1]
      Implementation of Hybrid ANN-GWO Algorithm for Estimation of the Fundamental Period of RC-Frame Structures [1]
      Implementation of Land Readjustment in Serbia – Based on Experiences in the City of Bor [1]
      Implementation of new media for improving the perception and construction of geometrical forms in engineering education [1]
      Implementation of Preventive Maintenance in Network-Level Optimization Case Study of the Serbian Low-Volume Road Network [1]
      Implementation of projects related to landslide repair in Serbia in 2016 [1]
      Implementation of the CORINE Land Cover project in Serbia and Montenegro [1]
      Implementation of value engineering on residential projects [1]
      Implementing a detailed estimation model on housing project prefeasibility studies [1]
      Implementing Delta Q Method to Accelerate the Optimization of Pressurized Pipe Networks [1]