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      Long-term behavior of continuous girders made from precast elements [1]
      Long-term behavior of precast concrete girder with cast in place deck and diaphragm [1]
      Long-term behaviour of precipitation at three stations in Serbia [1]
      Long-term behaviour of reinforced beams made with natural or recycled aggregate concrete and high-volume fly ash concrete [2]
      Long-term changes in stochastic structure of hydrolagic time series [1]
      Long-term changes of annual and seasonal flows: A case of the Sava River [1]
      Long-term deflections of green concrete beams: Analytical and numerical calculations [1]
      Long-term Hydrological Projection of Monthly Flows in Terms of Climate Change Adaptation Strategy [1]
      Long-term properties of green concrete: testing at the material and structural level [1]
      Long-term rockslope monitoring and rockfall prediction [1]
      Long-Term Thermal Stress Analysis and Optimization of Contraction Joint Distance of Concrete Gravity Dams [1]
      Long-term thermal two- and three-dimensional analysis of roller compacted concrete dams supported by monitoring verification [1]
      Longitudinal shear of concrete slab in composite beam analysis according to EC4 [1]
      Lossless Compression of Vibration Signals on an Embedded Device Using a TDE Based Predictor [1]
      Low cost arsenic removal from aqueous solution by adsorption [1]
      Low energy impact damage detection in laminar termoplastic composite materials by means of embedded optical fibers [1]
      Low-cycle fatigue damage modeling with hysteretic energy loss [1]
      Low-cycling fatigue of a damper-seismic energy absorber of DC-90 system under uni-axial stress [1]
      Machine Learning and Landslide Assessment in a GIS Environment [1]
      Machine learning based landslide assessment of the Belgrade metropolitan area: Pixel resolution effects and a cross-scaling concept [1]