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      Can a 3D-Numerical Model be a Substitute to a Physical Model in Estimating Parameters of 1D-Confluence Models? [1]
      Can a 3D-numerical model be a substitute to a physical model in estimating parameters of 1D-confluence models? [1]
      Can rainfall-runoff models provide accurate estimates of design flood quantiles in ungauged catchments? [1]
      Can we use a simple modelling tool to validate stormwater biofilters for herbicides treatment? [1]
      Capturing dam geometry by Lidar and multibeam technology for visualization of structural deformations - Case study Dam Bečej [1]
      Capturing Uncertainties in Estimating Toll Rates [1]
      Carbonation resistance of high volume fly ash concrete estimated with accelerated and natural tests [1]
      Carte ethnographique serbes avec les limites méridionales de la vieille Serbie et celles de la Serbie du tsar Douchan [1]
      Catastrophic risks and sustainable development [1]
      Categories of reliability that should be analized during the planning and operation of water resources systems [1]
      Cellular Automata Approach for 2D Pollution Transport Modelling in Urban Groundwater [1]
      Cement Composites Modeling Using Amorphous Kaolin [1]
      Cementitious Composites Made With Fly Ash A Contribution To The Sustainable Civil Engineering [1]
      Cevovodi pod pritiskom i rizik od razmene fluida sa okolinom [1]
      CFD simulation of thermal performances of building structure with expanded polystyrene (EPS) as thermal insulation [1]
      Challenges and promises of mobile devices usage for spatial visualization skills assessment in technical drawing for engineering course [1]
      Challenging analytical task: analysis and monitoring of arsenic species in water [1]
      Chapter 2. UGROW – the Urban GROund Water modelling system [1]
      Chebyshev polynomials and r-circulant matrices [1]
      Chronology of the development of geodetic reference networks in Serbia [1]