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dc.creatorĆirilović, Jelena
dc.creatorMladenović, Goran
dc.creatorQueiroz, Cesar
dc.description.abstractIn addition to their attempt to lower overall maintenance costs while keeping their road networks in the appropriate condition, road agencies are facing even more demanding challenges as they incorporate effects of global climate change and other environmental impacts into their decision making process. Many studies and research initiatives have shown the impact of pavement condition on vehicle fuel consumption and maintenance costs, indicating that maintaining the pavement network at lower roughness levels would reduce fuel and parts consumption, which is beneficial for the users. On the other hand, the more intensive pavement maintenance, which is required to keep road networks in better condition, is accompanied by substantial emissions and negative environmental impacts. New technologies are emerging worldwide which tend to prolong the period between road maintenance interventions. However, these technologies, in many cases, require high upfront investments, which may be acceptable (even recommendable) if one considers the whole life of a pavement. The objective of this paper is to find an optimal maintenance plan at network level that minimizes the total cost to society, that is the sum of: (i) the environmental impact cost during the entire pavement life-cycle; (ii) agency costs (i.e. cost of pavement maintenance and improvement works); and (iii) user costs (or vehicle operating cost - VOC). A methodology is proposed to this endeavor, which is illustrated through a case study of the Serbian road network, including new technologies that extend the period between maintenance interventions.en
dc.publisherTransportation Research Board, Washington
dc.sourceTRB 96th Annual Meeting Compendium of Papersen
dc.titleIntegration of GHG cost into network-level pavement management: case study of Serbian road networken
dc.citation.other: 17-3380

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