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dc.creatorMilenović, Filip
dc.creatorKorica, Mateja
dc.creatorMarjanović, Valentina
dc.creatorMilosavljević, Stefan
dc.creatorDragović, Magdalena
dc.creatorTrifunović, Aleksandar
dc.description.abstractContemporary computer software tools for 3D modeling opened new possibilities in the design process of spatial ability tests, which contain geometric solids and their orthographic projections. 3D computer environment, which enabled drawing, modeling and manipulation with spatial geometric objects, directly affected visualization processes, very important for all engineering professions. Recently many research topics elaborated some new aspects concerning spatial abilities: testing and improvements. This paper gives an overview and analysis of the design process of particular spatial ability test aimed for engineering students (redesign of the existing test named "Geometry 2D and 3D"). 3D geometric models were created in AutoCAD software. Graphic images in the test were made due to efficient software tool palettes. Alternative solution for creation of graphic images was investigated in cell phone AR (augmented reality) application "Augment". The paper discussed important issues of the spatial ability test design and offered new application of AR into practice.en
dc.publisherCentral Institute for Conservation ; Scientific Association for the Development and Promotion of New Technologies, Belgrade ; Sopot
dc.sourceProceedings of Selected Papers / The First International Students Scientific Conference Multidisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Researchen
dc.titleGame and creation spatial ability test aided by 3D models and AR cell phone applicationen
dc.citation.other: 327-335

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