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Obnovljivi izvori građevinskih materijala za novo vreme građenja objekata visoke energetske efikasnosti

dc.creatorKekanović, Milan
dc.creatorŠumarac, Dragoslav
dc.creatorĆorić, Stanko
dc.creatorKasaš, Karolj
dc.creatorČeh, Arpad
dc.description.abstractThis article provides information about the possibilities and technologies [2] available for the building industry in the Republic of Serbia, and concerns the trends - which expansion is expected in Europe and worldwide - the of use of renewable sources of building materials. Exploitation of sand and gravel from rivers and dry mines in many EU countries is prohibited. Excavation of clay from clay deposits and blasting the rock mass are considered as a violation of the natural environment and resulting with scars on our planet Earth.Renewable sources of construction materials are considered materials which each year can be renewed and which are the most common by-product of agricultural production.Materials obtained by recycling existing materials already used in construction, as well as by-products of industrial production are also considered sustainable materials.Renewable materials are supporting the new, worldwide trend in building industry, called "Green Building" with the aim of reducing harmful CO2 emissions.This paper will discuss renewable materials obtained as a by-product of agricultural production such as grain straw (wheat, barley, rye and oats), cane and hemp shiv obtained by mechanical breakingof hemp stems.These materials are cheap because they are by-products and they are energy efficient, which is particularly important nowadays.The construction of buildings with the above mentioned materials should be well planned to ensure the durability, fire resistance and particularly the pleasant and comfortable stay for the people.The walls made of this material must be solved, and ensured to avoid occurrence of rodents and other pests that may be carriers of dangerous and contagious diseases.en
dc.publisherGrađevinski fakultet, Subotica
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Integrated and Interdisciplinary Research (IIR or III)/42012/RS//
dc.sourceZbornik radova Građevinskog fakultetaen
dc.titleRenewable building materials for high energy efficiency construction eraen
dc.titleObnovljivi izvori građevinskih materijala za novo vreme građenja objekata visoke energetske efikasnostisr
dc.citation.other34: 313-322
dc.description.otherZbornik radova Građevinskog fakultetaen

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