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dc.creatorMilićević, Ivan
dc.creatorNikolić-Brzev, S.
dc.description.abstractThe majority of older existing RC buildings in regions of moderate and high seismicity are vulnerable to earthquake effects. They often do not meet current seismic codes requirements which are more stringent compared to the older codes. Addition of new RC shear walls is an effective retrofit strategy for the reduction of seismic demands on the existing members, especially in case of RC frame structures. The paper presents a case study of an existing school building located in high seismic hazard zone in Central Asia. The building is a bare RC frame structure, designed and constructed in 1960s. The seismic assessment via linear elastic and pushover analysis showed that the structure is deficient for code-prescribed earthquake intensity. A feasible retrofit scheme in the form of new RC shear walls has been developed and its effectivness was verified via linear elastic and pushover analysis.en
dc.publisherDruštvo građevinskih konstruktera Srbije, Beograd
dc.sourceZbornik radova sa nacionalnog kongresa DGKS / Društvо građevinskih konstruktera Srbije, 15. kongres, 6-8. septembar 2018, Zlatiboren
dc.titleSeismic retrofitting of RC frame buildings by adding new RC shear wallsen
dc.citation.other: 182-193

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