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dc.creatorMarinković, Snežana
dc.creatorKoković, Veljko
dc.creatorIgnjatović, Ivan
dc.creatorAlendar, Vanja H.
dc.description.abstractThe structure of DELTA CITY shopping mall in Belgrade consists oftwo separated structures: the structure of the mall and the structure of the multi-story open garage. The overall dimensions of the irregular layout of the structure are 210 m x 110 m, with four main levels in the mall and five parking levels in the garage. Because of the different exposure conditions, the structure of the garage is separated from the mall 's structure with an expansion joint at all the levels, except at the level of the foundation slab. The mall 's structure is designed without any expansion joints, except for temporary joints during the construction stage. It consists mainly of reinforced concrete cantilevered columns cast in place, at typical spans of 8.2 m x 8.2 m, precast reinforced concrete simple beams and precast prestressed hollow core slabs. The reinforced concrete frames cast in place are designed at the facades and at few locations in the interior, to provide additional seismic resistance. The main structure of the open multi-story garage consists of reinforced concrete frames and precast hollow core slabs and it is designed for exposure class XD3, with special attention paying to durability conclitions. Due to mainly precast structure, especially hollow core slabs as a floor solution, the complete concrete structure of approximately 80,000 m2 is constructed for less then 12 months.en
dc.publisherCRC Press/Balkema
dc.sourceProceedings of the International FIB Symposium 2008 - Tailor Made Concrete Structures: New Solutions
dc.titleDesign and construction of DELTA CITY shopping mall concrete structure in Belgradeen
dc.citation.other: 269-

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