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      A contribution to the bearing analysis of the fasteners in thin gauge steel members [1]
      A contribution to the methods of defining the state of stress around the cavity in the shape of an ellipsoid of revolution by application of elliptical coordinates [1]
      Accuracy of the objects modelling using terrestrial laser scanning technology [1]
      Advances in methodology for evaluation and improvement of the water distribution system performance [1]
      Analiza dinamičkog sadejstva tla i objekta primenom metode konačnih elemenata [1]
      Analiza i kontrola ponašanja čeličnih ramova pri dejstvu zemljotresa [1]
      Analiza jakih kiša kao uzročnika poplava pomoću slučajnih procesa [1]
      Analiza performansi armiranobetonskih zidova pri seizmičkim dejstvima [1]
      Analiza ponašanja grupe elastičnih moždanika kod spregnutih nosača od čelika i betona [1]
      Analiza rizika od poplava pomoću prekidnih slučajnih procesa [1]
      Analysis and Response Control of Steel Frames Subjected to Earthquakes [1]
      Application an elasto-plastic models for soils in the analysis of earth retaining structures [1]
      Assessment of the liquid flow rate in complex flow conditions with flat electromagnetic sensors [1]
      Assessment of track geometry quality using fractal analysis of measured data [1]
      Automated mapping of climatic variables using spatio-temporal geostatistical methods [1]
      Automatsko kartriranje klimatskih varijabli primenom prostorno-vremenskih geostatičkih metoda [1]
      Bearing Capacity of Circular Concrete Fulled Steel Tube Columns. [1]
      Behaviour of built-up stainless steel members subjected to axial compression [1]
      Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams Made with Recycled and Waste Materials Under Long-Term Loading [1]
      Behaviour of shear connections realised by connectors fastened with cartridge fired pins: doctoral dissertation [1]