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      A closed form solution using a generalized laminate plate theory [1]
      A comparative environmental impact analysis of asphalt mixtures containing Crumb Rubber and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement using Life Cycle Assessment [1]
      A computational method for laminated composite plates based on layerwise theory [1]
      A computer verification of a conjecture about the Erdös-Mordell curve [1]
      A contribution to the analysis of box beams with deformable cross section [1]
      A database on flexural and shear strength of reinforced recycled aggregate concrete beams and comparison to Eurocode 2 predictions [2]
      A Financial Model to Estimate Annual Payments Required under Output- and Performance-Based Road Contracts [1]
      A Finite Element based on a Generalized Laminated Plate Theory [1]
      A finite element based on a generalized laminated plate theory [1]
      A finite element model for propagating delamination in laminated composite plates based on the Virtual Crack Closure method [1]
      A generalization of nil-clean rings [1]
      A geotechnical model of the Umka landslide with reference to landslides in weathered Neogene marls in Serbia [1]
      A Group Of Polyhedra Arised As Variations Of Concave Bicupolae Of Second Sort [1]
      A joint stochastic-deterministic approach for long-term and short-term modelling of monthly flow rates [1]
      A method for the continuous measurement of water absorption of coarse recycled aggregates [1]
      A model for preventive restoration of architectural structures by steel and glass [1]
      A multi-model approach to the simulation of large scale karst flows [1]
      A New Approach for Trend Assessment of Annual Streamflows: a Case Study of Hydropower Plants in Serbia [1]
      A New Approach in Regression Analysis for Modeling Adsorption Isotherms [1]
      A new characterization of Suškevič's problem on right zero divisors [1]