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      Damage control and repair for security of buildings [1]
      Damage detection and localization for civil structural health monitoring [1]
      Damage Detection for Civil Structural Health Monitoring Application - A Case Study of the Steel Grid Bridge Structural Model [1]
      Damage detection in laminar thermoplastic composite materials by means of embedded optical fibers [1]
      Damage monitoring of composite laminates by means of intensity based fiberoptic sensors [1]
      Damage of masonry buildings during earthquakes and retrofitting and strengthening examples from practice [1]
      Damage of masonry infilled RC structures in February 2023 earthquakes sequence in Turkey. Decoupled infill as a solution for better behaviour [1]
      Damage of Trusses due to Cyclic Plasticity [1]
      Damage reduction system for masonry infill walls under seismic loading [1]
      Dasymetric Mapping of Population Distribution in Serbia Based on Soil Sealing Degrees Layer [1]
      Dasymetric modelling of population dynamics in urban areas [1]
      Data archiving and meta-data – saving the data for the future use [1]
      Data driven model for prediction of rail traffic [1]
      Data Models for Moving Objects in Road Networks – Implementation and Experiences [1]
      Database for management of concrete batch plant work [1]
      Daylight utilisation potentials of highly glazed individual office spaces in Belgrade climate condition [1]
      Daylight utilization potentials of highly glazed individual office spaces in Belgrade climate condition [1]
      Decision Support Algorithms for Sectorization of Water Distribution Networks [1]
      Decision support methodology for sectorization of water distribution networks into district meter areas [1]
      Decision support system for Iron Gate hydropower system operations [1]