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      Walls storey structures and foundations a seismic strengthening design and construction in masonry building extension [1]
      Warm-mix asphalt technologies in Europe and USA [1]
      Waste Aggregates in Asphalt Mixtures [1]
      Waste Sulfur as a Partial Filler Replacement in Self-Placing Concrete [1]
      Wastewater flow measurements in sewer networks: Combining innovative and conventional measurement methods [1]
      Wastewater treatment of Obrenovac Municipality [1]
      Wastewater-based epidemiology in countries with poor wastewater treatment — Epidemiological indicator function of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in surface waters [1]
      Water balance analysis of the karst polje by distributed hydrological modeling [1]
      Water Balance Components and Performance Indicators Uncertainty Reduction - Požarevac Waterworks Case Study [1]
      Water Distribution Network Topology Validation Using Pressure Drop Test [1]
      Water distribution networks flushing planning: framework for optimization of implementation efficiency and cost [1]
      Water distribution system model calibration using genetic algorithm [1]
      Water distribution system reliability illustrated by the case study of the RWS Dubovac-Zrenjanin-Kikinda [1]
      Water leakage management in water supply systems [1]
      Water level and discharge measurements in: Metrology in Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management: Plug and Pray [1]
      Water losses reduction by managing operational pressure [1]
      Water Management in Climate Change Conditions [1]
      Water mixing in reservoir and water age in the distribution network modelling [1]
      Water profile computations in non-prismatic compound channels with simple cross-sectional geometry using exchange discharge model [2]
      Water quality impact assessment of the River Ibar hydropower system [1]