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      05.18: Maximum chord slenderness ratio of compressed stainless steel closely spaced built-up members [1]
      08.30: Experimental investigation and specific behaviour of X-HVB shear connectors in prefabricated composite decks [1]
      08.49: Comparison of headed studs with perfobond shear connectors - experimental and numerical analysis [1]
      A database on flexural and shear strength of reinforced recycled aggregate concrete beams and comparison to Eurocode 2 predictions [2]
      A method for the continuous measurement of water absorption of coarse recycled aggregates [1]
      A new design approach for stainless steel angle — accuracy assesment based on numerical data [1]
      A numerical verification of IPE-80 steel cantilever beam with bolted and welded splice connection joint [1]
      Adoption of European standards in construction industry as our national standards [1]
      Advance design methods of steel structurs based on Eurocode 3 [1]
      Adverse-slope stilling basins: machine learning approach to estimation of hydraulic jump features [1]
      Air Concentration Distribution on Stepped Spillway) [1]
      Air-water flow on a labyrinth spillway [1]
      Akustička izolacija na bazi poliuretanskih pena [1]
      Alkali activated fly ash geopolymers as a new binder in concrete [1]
      Alkali-activated concrete with Serbian fly ash and its radiological impact [2]
      Alkalno aktivirani materijali na bazi domaćih nusproizvoda: fizičko-mehanička svojstva i prirodna radioaktivnost [1]
      Aluminium alloy girders strengthened by steel elements [1]
      Analiza hidrodinamičkih prtisaka u umirujućem bazenu nasute brane [1]
      Analiza nagiba na brani Bajina Bašta primenom instrumenta klinometar [1]
      Analiza nosivosti neuniformnih elemenata na fleksiono izvijanje [1]