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      Balanced scorecard implementation in construction industry [1]
      Base isolation in buildings [1]
      Beam theory in spline parametric cooridinate. Part I [1]
      Beam theory in spline parametric cooridinate. Part II: examples [1]
      Bearing capacity and stability of elastically fixed cft slender columns [1]
      Bearing Capacity of Circular Concrete Fulled Steel Tube Columns. [1]
      Behavior of the frame structures in elasto-plastic domain [1]
      Behaviour of thin-walled cylindrical and conical shells: Carbon vs. stainless steel [1]
      Bending analysis of cross-laminated-timber (CLT) panels using layered finite elements [1]
      Bending resistance of composite beams with nonductile shear connectors [1]
      Bending resistance of composite section with partial shear connection according to EC4 [1]
      Bending Resistance of Composite Sections with Nonductile Shear Connectors and Partial Shear Connection [1]
      Bending, free vibrations and buckling of laminated composite and sandwich plates using a layerwise displacement model [1]
      Benefits of green roof installations on buildings with flat roof [1]
      Bimoment Contribution to Buckling of Thin-Walled Beams with Different Boundary Conditions [1]
      Biomimetic Geometry Approach to Generative Design [1]
      Bočna nosivost i pomeranja vertikalnih šipova opterećenih horizontalnim silama [1]
      Box beams with deformable cross section and rigid cross frames [1]
      Bridge flutter derivatives based on computed, validated pressure fields [1]
      Buckling of Sandwich Plates using Layerwise Displacement Model [1]