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      Calculation of Impedance Functions by Usage of Integral Transform Method [1]
      Calculation of load capacity and stability of moderately slender and slender axial loaded circular CFT columns [1]
      Challenges and promises of mobile devices usage for spatial visualization skills assessment in technical drawing for engineering course [1]
      Classification of earthquake induced wall damages for masonry [1]
      Closed Form Solutions for The Stability and Free Vibration Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates [1]
      Column Buckling Investigation of Plane Frames [1]
      Comparative Analysis of Composite Beams in Large Span Floor Structures [1]
      Comparative analysis of patch loading buckling resistances according to existing and new Eurocode [1]
      Comparative analysis of reinforced concrete and CFT columns in buildings [1]
      Comparative buckling analysis and determination of the effective length factors using two numerical procedures [1]
      Comparative seismic analysis of RC buildings under influence of soil-structure interaction [1]
      Comparison of different methods for viscoelastic analysis of composite beams [1]
      Comparison of FDD and SSI modal identification methods from ambient vibration data case study [1]
      Composite Steel-Concrete Beam Analysis using Different Methods [1]
      Computation of flow separations from bridge girders and effects on flutter derivatives [1]
      Concave Pyramids of Second Sort -The Occurrence, Types, Variations [1]
      Conic Section of a Type of Egg Curve Based Conoid [1]
      Connection between superstructure and substructure concrete bridges with aspect seismic isolation of construction [1]
      Constructing the Egg Curves Using the Golden Ratio of Pentagon [1]
      Constructive geometry education by contemporary technologies [1]