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      Hippocampal asymmetry in expression of catecholamine synthesizing enzyme and transporters in socially isolated rats [1]
      Hybrid approach for two dimensional damage localization using piezoelectric smart aggregates [1]
      Hysteretic behavior modeling of elastoplastic materials [1]
      Hysteretic Behavior of Elastic-plastic Beams Subjected to Cyclic Bending [1]
      Hysteretic behavior of rectangular tube (box) sections based on Preisach model [1]
      Identification of flutter derivatives by forced vibration tests [1]
      Impedance matrix for four adjacent rigid surface foundations [1]
      Imperfection sensitivity of plates on thermal environment [1]
      Implementacija novih medija sa ciljem unapređenja percepcije i konstrukcije geometrijskih formi u inženjerskoj edukaciji [1]
      Implementation of Hybrid ANN-GWO Algorithm for Estimation of the Fundamental Period of RC-Frame Structures [1]
      Implementation of new media for improving the perception and construction of geometrical forms in engineering education [1]
      Important aspects in design of anemometric steel masts in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Improvement of energy efficiency of buildings in urban areas [1]
      In-plane free vibration and response analysis of isotropic rectangular plates using the dynamic stiffness method [1]
      Influence of Boundary Conditions on Nonlinear Response of Laminated Composite Plates [1]
      Influence of boundary conditions on nonlinear response of laminated composite plates [1]
      Influence of initial geometrical imperfections on thermal stability of laminated composite plates using layerwise finite element [1]
      Influence of inter-panel connections on vibration response of CLT floors due to pedestrian-induced loading [1]
      Influence of patch load length on strengthening effect in steel plate girders [1]
      Influence of prior in-plane damage on the out-of-plane response of non-load bearing unreinforced masonry walls under seismic load [1]