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      Računarska geometrija sa 3D Modelovanjem [1]
      Re-use of historic buildings and energy refurbishment analysis via building performance simulation a case study [1]
      Redistribucija uticaja u linearno elastičnoj analizi spregnutih kontinualnih nosača od čelika i betona prema Evrokodu 4 [1]
      Redistribution effects in linear elastic analyses of continuous composite steel-concrete beams according to Eurocode 4 [1]
      Redistribution of internal forces in composite concrete girders made continuous vs. time [1]
      Renewable building materials for high energy efficiency construction era [1]
      Reply to the Discussion by Chen on "Traffic-induced vibrations of frame structures" [1]
      Research in computing‑intensive simulations for nature‑oriented civil‑engineering and related scientific fields, using machine learning and big data: an overview of open problems [1]
      Research of long-term behaviour of non-prestressed precast concrete beams made continuous [1]
      Residential Building Stock in Serbia: Classification and Vulnerability for Seismic Risk Studies [1]
      Resistance of Composite Column to Compression and Bending [1]
      Retrofitting damaged masonry structures by technology DC 90 [1]
      Rotation-free isogeometric analysis of an arbitrarily curved plane Bernoulli-Euler beam [1]
      Rotation-free isogeometric dynamic analysis of an arbitrarily curved plane Bernoulli-Euler beam [1]
      Sanacija oštećenih zidanih konstrukcija tehnologijom DC 90 [1]
      Sandučasti nosači sa deformabilnim poprečnim presekom i krutim dijafragmama [1]
      Sandwich Plate Finite Element [1]
      Savremeni pristup projektovanju aseizmičkih građevinskih objekata [1]
      Section Discretization of Fiber Beam-Column Elements for Cyclic Inelastic Response [1]
      Seismic Assessment of RC Buildings using N2 Method [1]