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      Damage control and repair for security of buildings [1]
      Damage detection via dynamic characteristics determination [1]
      Damage of Trusses due to Cyclic Plasticity [1]
      Damage reduction system for masonry infill walls under seismic loading [1]
      Descriptive Geometry Education by Using Multimedia Tools [1]
      Design for time dependant effects in precast concrete bridge girders made continuous with cast-in-place deck and diaphragm [1]
      Design methodology of vertical extension for masonry buildings [1]
      Design of 120m guyed steel mast in Alibunar according to Eurocode [1]
      Design of circular composite CFT columns according to Eurocode 4 [1]
      Design of Double-Nave Industrial Hall [1]
      Design of reinforced concrete enclosures infilled with clay block masonry (Part 1) [1]
      Design of reinforced concrete enclosures infilled with clay block masonry (Part 2) [1]
      Design of supplementary water tank 'Julino brdo' - Belgrade [1]
      Design solutions interpretation using digital graphics [1]
      Developement Of Digital Model Of Terrain (Dmt) Using Autocad And Surfing Software Packages [1]
      Development of dynamic stiffness method for free vibration analysis of plate structures [1]
      Development of frequency curves for cross-laminated timber (CLT) floors using dynamic stiffness method [1]
      Development of sustainable cities: effect of traffic induced vibrations on buildings and humans [1]
      Diagrams for stress and deflection prediction in cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels with non-classical boundary conditions [1]
      Dinamicka analiza temelja na slojevitom poluprostoru primjenom metode integralne transformacije. [1]