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      Landslide Susceptibility Analysis of Belgrade City Area [1]
      Large deflection analysis of laminated composite plates using layerwise displacement model [1]
      Lateral capacity and deformations of vertical piles loaded by horizontal forces [1]
      Layerwise Finite Element for Thermal Stability Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates [2]
      Layerwise Model for Soft Core Sandwich Plates [1]
      Layerwise solution of free vibrations and buckling of laminated composite and sandwich plates with embedded delaminations [1]
      Linear Analysis of Single Delamination in Laminated Composite Plate using Layerwise Plate Theory [1]
      Linear static isogeometric analysis of an arbitrarily curved spatial Bernoulli-Euler beam [1]
      Linear Transient Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates using GLPT [2]
      Linear transient analysis of spatial curved Bernoulli – Euler beam using isogeometric approach [1]
      Long-term behavior of composite concrete girders made continuous [1]
      Long-term behavior of continuous girders made from precast elements [1]
      Longitudinal shear of concrete slab in composite beam analysis according to EC4 [1]
      Masonry infilled reinforced concrete frames under horizontal loading [1]
      Matrix Stiffness Method for Composite and Prestressed Beam Analysis Using Linear Integral Operators [1]
      Methods of damage detection of structures based on changes of dynamic characteristics [1]
      Metoda dinamičke krutosti u analizi vibracija kružne cilindrične ljuske [1]
      Metoda dinamičke krutosti u dinamičkoj analizi ploča - deo 1: teorija [1]
      Metoda dinamičke krutosti u dinamičkoj analizi ploča - deo 2: primena [1]
      Metode analize flatera u frekventnom i vremenskom domenu [1]