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      Object-oriented framework for 3D bending and free vibration analysis of multilayer plates: Application to cross-laminated timber and soft-core sandwich panels [1]
      Obnovljivi izvori građevinskih materijala za novo vreme građenja objekata visoke energetske efikasnosti [1]
      Određivanje funkcija impedancije pravougaonog temelja [1]
      On anisotropic elasticity damage mechanics [1]
      On dinamic spiral patterns - polygonal frames inscribed in circular sections of quadric surfaces [1]
      On the Flow over High-rise Building for Wind Energy Harvesting: An Experimental Investigation of Wind Speed and Surface Pressure [1]
      On the role of circular sections of quadric surfaces [1]
      On the Wind Energy Resource above High-Rise Buildings [1]
      One a possible constructive geometrical derivation of Mercator's conformal cylindrical map projection based on some historical facts [1]
      One possible way of geometrical nonlinear tasks solution [1]
      Otkrivanje oštećenja određivanjem dinamičkih karakteristika [1]
      Out-of-plane behavior of decoupled masonry infills under seismic loading [1]
      Paper strips driven design application on doubly curved surfaces [1]
      Paper strips driven design: Application on doubly curved surfaces [1]
      Parametarska analiza nosivosti kružnih CFT stubova prema Evrokodu 4 [1]
      Parametarska analiza stabilnosti čeličnih okvirnih nosača [1]
      Parametric modeling as geometric tool for designing urban model of biomorphic from inspired by flower of bell flower (Campanula persicifolia L.) [1]
      Parametric one dimensional dynamic analysis of layered soil [1]
      Parametric stability analysis of steel frame structures [1]
      Parametric Study of Circular CFT Column Capacity According to Eurocode 4 [1]