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      Paper strips driven design application on doubly curved surfaces [1]
      Paper strips driven design: Application on doubly curved surfaces [1]
      Parametarska analiza nosivosti kružnih CFT stubova prema Evrokodu 4 [1]
      Parametarska analiza stabilnosti čeličnih okvirnih nosača [1]
      Parametric modeling as geometric tool for designing urban model of biomorphic from inspired by flower of bell flower (Campanula persicifolia L.) [1]
      Parametric one dimensional dynamic analysis of layered soil [1]
      Parametric stability analysis of steel frame structures [1]
      Parametric Study of Circular CFT Column Capacity According to Eurocode 4 [1]
      Penalty method for 1d problem of two rods with basic concepts of contact mechanics of frictionless contact [1]
      Perception of three-dimensional geometric shapes as virtual 3D road markings [1]
      Performance of masonry infill walls in reinforced concrete frame buildings in recent earthquakes [1]
      Perspective in Stage Design: An Application of Principles of Anamorphosis in Spatial Visualisation [1]
      Plasting buckling of frame supports [1]
      Poređenje ponašanja tankih cilindričnih i konusnih ljuski od ugljeničnog i nerđajućeg čelika [1]
      Poređenje ponašanja tankih cilndričnih ljuski od ugljeničnog čelika i nerđajućeg čelika [1]
      Positive impact of 3D CAD models employment in descriptive geometry education [1]
      Positive impact of 3D CAD models employment in DG education [1]
      Potential and contemporary laser applications with parallel techniques in the processes of monitoring, protection and restoration of cultural heritage objects [1]
      Pravilne konkavne kupole druge vrste [1]
      Prediction of Traffic Induced Building Vibrations Using Transfer Functions [1]