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      Termička analiza ab dimnjaka visine 120 m JKP „Beogradske elektrane” [1]
      Termička analiza AB dimnjaka visine 120m JKP 'Beogradske elektrane' [1]
      Termička analiza laminatnih kompozitnih i sendvič ploča primenom slojevitog konačnog elementa [1]
      Testing heuristic optimisation methods for vibration-based detection of damage [1]
      The Advantages of Using Digital 3D Animation in Geometrical Education [1]
      The behaviour of Composite Plates under different Loading types [1]
      The Complement of the Hugelschaffer’s Construction of the Egg Curve [1]
      The Constructive procedures in the spatial transformations of the surface elliptical hyperboloid of one sheet [1]
      The Effect of Transverse Shear Deformation on the Bending of Rectangular Plates [1]
      The language of proportions in the parametric frame: Exquisite Serbian medieval churches of Raška style group [1]
      The possibilities of application of 3D digital models in cultural heritage objects' protection and revitalisation [1]
      The role of descriptive geometry in contemporary 3D modeling of cultural heritage objects [1]
      The Structural Transformation of Concave Cupolae of Fourth Sort Using Different Variants of Constructive Procedure, 4th International Scientific Conference on Geometry and Graphics [1]
      Thermal Analysis of 120m high RC Chimney [1]
      Thermal Analysis of Laminated Composite and Sandwich Plate Using Layerwise Finite Element [1]
      Thermal Analysis of Laminated Composite and Sandwich Plates Using Layerwise Finite Element [1]
      Thermal analysis of RC 120m-height chimney of JKP 'Beogradske elektrane' [1]
      Thermal Analysis of RC 120m-height chimney of JKP „Beogradske elektrane“ [1]
      Thermal buckling of laminated composite plates using layerwise displacement model [1]
      Thermo-elastic stability of angle-ply laminates - application of layerwise finite elements [1]