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      3D animation applications in descriptive geometry teaching [1]
      A closed form solution using a generalized laminate plate theory [1]
      A contribution to the analysis of box beams with deformable cross section [1]
      A Finite Element based on a Generalized Laminated Plate Theory [1]
      A finite element based on a generalized laminated plate theory [1]
      A finite element model for propagating delamination in laminated composite plates based on the Virtual Crack Closure method [1]
      A model for preventive restoration of architectural structures by steel and glass [1]
      A Preisach Model for Monotonic Tension Response of Structural Mild Steel with Damage [1]
      A simple solution for a crack reinforced by bands [1]
      A simplified matrix stiffness method for analysis of composite and prestressed beams [1]
      About planar sections of a type of egg curve based conoid [1]
      Absorbers of seismic energy for damaged masonary structures [1]
      Acoustic-optic approach for the examination of materials condition in objects of cultural heritage [1]
      Aksijalna nosivost CFT stubova [1]
      An efficient beam-column element for inelastic 3D frame analysis [1]
      An efficient beam-column element for nonlinear 3D frame analysis [1]
      An efficient model for nonlinear analysis of circular CFT columns [1]
      An improved analysis of free torsional vibration of axially loaded thin-walled beams with point-symmetric open cross-section [1]
      Analitičko rešenje opšte laminatne teorije kompozitnih ploča [1]
      Analitičko rešenje višeslojnih ploča zasnovano na opštoj laminatnoj teoriji ploča [1]