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      2D modelling of water quality in bays [1]
      3D numerical simulation of cross-levee breaching process due to overtopping flow [1]
      A comparison of tools and techniques for stabilising unmanned aerial system (UAS) imagery for surface flow observations [1]
      A joint stochastic-deterministic approach for long-term and short-term modelling of monthly flow rates [1]
      A multi-model approach to the simulation of large scale karst flows [1]
      A New Approach for Trend Assessment of Annual Streamflows: a Case Study of Hydropower Plants in Serbia [1]
      A New Approach in Regression Analysis for Modeling Adsorption Isotherms [1]
      A new methodology for flood damage assessment in urban areas [1]
      A normalized regression based regional model for generating flows at ungauged basins [1]
      A novel approach in numerical simulation of contaminant removal by air sparging [1]
      A preliminary modelling approach for Escherichia coli removal in stormwater biofilters [1]
      A reconstruction of flow hydrograph of the 2014th-year flood event at the Ub gauging station [1]
      A review of the most commonly used methods for ungauged catchments flood flow estimation in Serbia [1]
      A simple numerical method for snowmelt simulation based on the equation of heat energy [1]
      A stochastic model for series of single and aggregated over threshold flood characteristics values [1]
      A sustainability analysis of an incineration project in Serbia [1]
      A two-stage time series model for monthly hydrological projections under climate change in the Lim River basin (southeast Europe) [1]
      Accuracy of runoff timing in simulations with the hydrologic models [1]
      Advanced Loop-flow Method for Fast Hydraulic Simulations [1]
      Advanced simulation and modelling for urban groundwater management [1]