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      Data driven model for prediction of rail traffic [1]
      Design of median ends at at-grade intersection layout plans [1]
      Determination of sleeper support conditions [1]
      Determination of temperature stresses in CWR based on measured rail surface temperatures [1]
      Determining of the fatigue resistance of a grid-reinforced asphalt concrete by using four point bending beam test [1]
      Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia [1]
      Development of a model for surface pavement temperature predicting using neural networks [1]
      Development of the software for pavement life cycle cost analysis: Life Cycle Cost Analysis Graph Tool (LCCAGT) [1]
      Development of Three-Dimensional Airport Design Methodology and Technology [1]
      Driver Speed Behavior on Circular Curves of Undivided Two-Lane Rural Roads Serbian and Italian Case Studies [1]
      Effect of Aging on the Rheological Properties of Blends of Virgin and Rejuvenated RA Binders [1]
      Effect of Different Types of Fly Ash on Properties of Asphalt Mixtures [1]
      Effects of recycled concrete aggregate on stiffness and rutting resistance of asphalt concrete [1]
      Eksperimentalne metode za određivanje graničnih krivih prohodnosti vozila [1]
      Enhancing the feasibility of airport PPP projects with hybrid funding [1]
      Enhancing the financial feasibility of PPP projects with hybrid funding [1]
      Environmental key performance indicators of road infrastructure [1]
      Estimating minimum toll rates for road concessions [1]
      Estimating minimum toll rates in Public Private Partnerships [1]
      European Track Quality [1]