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      Application of the HDM-4 model on local road network: case study of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      Assessing the financial feasibility of availability payment PPP projects [1]
      Assessing the financial feasibility of road concessions involving tolling and availability payments [1]
      Assessment and comparison of variants of slab track systems [1]
      Assessment of environmental Key Performance Indicators for use in pavement management systems [1]
      Assessment of indirect costs due to highway link severance caused by reduction of bridge functional performance [1]
      Assessment of Sleeper Stability in Ballast Bed Using Micro-tremor Sampling Method [1]
      Assessment of sleeper support conditions using micro-tremor analysis [1]
      Assessment of track geometry quality using fractal analysis of measured data [1]
      Attracting Private Financing to Roads: Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      Calculation of additional stresses in track on bridge [1]
      Capturing Uncertainties in Estimating Toll Rates [1]
      Combining Capital Grant and Availability Payment to Keep Toll Rates Affordable [1]
      Comparative Analysis of Alternative Solutions of Excavation for Section of Hydropower Tunnel HPP "Dabar" [1]
      Comparison between Serbian and Italian Policies Regarding Road Safety [1]
      Composite structural members in fire conditions and measures of protection [1]
      Connection between superstructure and substructure concrete bridges with aspect seismic isolation of construction [1]
      Context sensitive highway design [1]
      Contribution to the dimensioning of tracks on asphalt roadbed [1]
      COST 354 - evropska harmonizacija indikatora stanja kolovoznih konstrukcija na putevima [1]