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      3d control of obstacles in airport location studies [1]
      A comparative environmental impact analysis of asphalt mixtures containing Crumb Rubber and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement using Life Cycle Assessment [1]
      A Financial Model to Estimate Annual Payments Required under Output- and Performance-Based Road Contracts [1]
      A Review of Tools for Project Financial Assessments [1]
      Accessible railway platforms - Czech and Serbian design experience and recommendations [1]
      Advantages and disadvantages of porous asphalts application in urban areas [1]
      Analiza asfaltnih mešavina na osnovu dvodimenzionalnih skeniranih slika [1]
      Analiza putne mreže Srbije sa stanovišta mikroteksture i makroteksture [1]
      Analiza različitih sistema ventilacije, grejanja i hlađenja kod industrijskih objekata [1]
      Analysis of cracking on running surface of rails [1]
      Analysis of Track Gauge Widening in Curves with Small Radius [1]
      Application of Genetic Algorithms for Pavement Maintenance Optimization [1]
      Application of seismic tomography for assessment of the railway substructure condition [1]
      Application of the bitumen classification according to Superpave methodology in Serbia [1]
      Application of the HDM-4 model on local road network: case study of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
      Assessing the financial feasibility of availability payment PPP projects [1]
      Assessing the financial feasibility of road concessions involving tolling and availability payments [1]
      Assessment and comparison of variants of slab track systems [1]
      Assessment of environmental Key Performance Indicators for use in pavement management systems [1]
      Assessment of indirect costs due to highway link severance caused by reduction of bridge functional performance [1]