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      Behaviour of electron content in the ionospheric d-region during solar x-ray flares [1]
      Biznis plan geodetskog preduzeća u osnivanju [1]
      Business plan of the geodetic enterprise in the foundation [1]
      Cadastral data services on internet in Serbia [1]
      Calibration of the levelling rods using laser interferometer [1]
      CAMPREL: A New Adaptive Conformal Cartographic Projection [1]
      Capturing dam geometry by Lidar and multibeam technology for visualization of structural deformations - Case study Dam Bečej [1]
      Chronology of the development of geodetic reference networks in Serbia [1]
      Communication of Spatial Information in Environmental and Energy Solutions for Urban Spaces [1]
      Comparison between Serbian and Italian Policies Regarding Road Safety [1]
      Comparison of ARX-and AR-Models and of the Assumed Form of the Transfer Function when Examining Settlement of the Building [1]
      Comparison of expert, deterministic and Machine Learning approach for landslide susceptibility assessment in Ljubovija Municipality, Serbia [2]
      Comparison of global geopotential models with Terrestrial gravity data in Libya [1]
      Comparison of IRI-2016 and NEQUICK models of the ionosphere over the Balkan Peninsula during the year 2019 [1]
      Concept of implementation of consolidation in Serbia [1]
      Concept of spatial coordinate systems, their defining and implementation as a precondition in geospatial applications [1]
      Concepts for improving machine learning based landslide assessment [1]
      Control of geometry of engineering facilities by geodetic methods [1]
      Corrigendum to ‘‘Design and optimization of laser scanning for tunnelsgeometry inspection’’ [Tunnell. Underground Space Technol. 37 (2013)199–206] [1]
      Crawling the construction web - A machine-learning approach without negative examples [1]