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      Dasymetric Mapping of Population Distribution in Serbia Based on Soil Sealing Degrees Layer [1]
      Dasymetric modelling of population dynamics in urban areas [1]
      Data Models for Moving Objects in Road Networks – Implementation and Experiences [1]
      Design and optimisation of laser scanning for tunnels geometry inspection [1]
      Designing and Realization of the Control Networks of the Telecommunication Tower Avala [1]
      Designing optimal transport routes using open-source software [1]
      Determination of deflection of the vertical components by using global geopotential model EGM2008 [1]
      Determination of discrete values of anomaly heights at territory of Montenegro [1]
      Developing Serbian 3D Cadastre System - Challenges and Directions [1]
      Development of Interactive 1D/2D Geodetic Control Network Design and Adjustment Software in Open Source/Free Environment (R + Google Earth + Google Maps) [1]
      Development of new land readjustment models in the function of urban land development [1]
      Development of the geodetic services market and the private geodetic practice in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Development of the methodology and technological procedures for the formation of country-wide DTM [1]
      Difference between geoid and quasigeoid at the territory of Serbia [1]
      Digital cadastral map as foundation of coordinate based cadastre of Serbia [1]
      Digital terrain models as topographic layouts for civil engineering design [1]
      Digitalni modeli terena - primarna geomorfometrijska baza podataka u GIS-u [1]
      Digitalni modeli terena kao podloge za projektovanje u građevinarstvu [1]
      Dimenzionisanje i kalibracija sistema za infiltraciju kišnice na urbanom slivu u Beogradu [1]
      Dinamičko praćenje deformacionih struktura u realnom vremenu [1]