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      20 godina od prvih GPS merenja u Srbiji - kampanja EPVGI90 [1]
      3D Cadastral Data in The Process of Urban Planning [1]
      3d control of obstacles in airport location studies [1]
      3D Real Estate Cadastre - Aspects and Possibilities [1]
      3D Urban Information Models in making a 'smart city': The i-SCOPE project case study [1]
      3D urban solar potential maps - case study of the i-SCOPE project [1]
      A compliance assessment of GNSS station networks in Serbia [1]
      A digital solution for unlocking the urban mining potential of the residential building stock through the integration of BIM and GIS [1]
      A high-resolution daily gridded meteorological dataset for Serbia made by Random Forest Spatial Interpolation [1]
      A Later Onset of the Rainy Season in California [1]
      A presentation method of students’ assignment in geometry-intersection of two surfaces of second order [1]
      A Procedure for accuracy Investigation of Terrestrial Laser Scanners [1]
      A simplified procedure of metrological testing of the terrestrial laser scanners [1]
      A spatiotemporal ensemble machine learning framework for generating land use/land cover time-series maps for Europe (2000–2019) based on LUCAS, CORINE and GLAD Landsat [1]
      Absolute Time Series GNSS Point Positioning-Data Cleaning and Noise Characterization [1]
      Accuracy Testing of RTK Service of the Permanent Station Network in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      Activities on improving the process of land consolidation in Serbia [1]
      Advanced Loop-flow Method for Fast Hydraulic Simulations [1]
      African soil properties and nutrients mapped at 30 m spatial resolution using two‑scale ensemble machine learning [1]
      Agricultural Land Use Changes as a Driving Force of Soil Erosion in the Velika Morava River Basin, Serbia [1]