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      2010 Kraljevo Earthquake Recovery Process Metrics Derived from Recorded Reconstruction Data [1]
      A computational method for laminated composite plates based on layerwise theory [1]
      A novel Quality Control Framework for the management of existing bridges [1]
      A sustainability analysis of an incineration project in Serbia [1]
      AHP based contractor selection procedure for highway infrastructure projects in Serbia [1]
      Aktuelna strategija realizacije izgradnje autoputeva u Republici Srbiji [1]
      Aktuelno stanje realizacije izgradnje autoputeva u Republici Srbiji [1]
      An approach and software for analysis of financial and economic risks in feasibility study preparation [1]
      Analisys of sources of information on technology for project managers in civil engineering [1]
      Analiza i rangiranje kvaliteta izvora tehnoloških informacija u građevinarstvu [1]
      Analiza vezane energije i emisije CO2 za izvođenje mostovske konstrukcije sa stanovišta održivosti [1]
      Analysis of the embodied energy and the CO2 emission in construction process of a bridge structure from the aspect of sustainability [1]
      Application of artificial neural networks for hydrological modelling in karst [1]
      Application of fuzzy AHP for ranking and selection of alternatives in construction project management [1]
      Application of fuzzy ahp method based on eigenvalues for decision making in construction industry [1]
      Application of Fuzzy Logic on Selection of Contractors for Construction of High Rise Buildings [1]
      Application of geosyntetics in the function of environmental protection [1]
      Application of modified fuzzy TOPSIS method for multicriteria decisions in civil engineering [1]
      Application of multiple criteria goal programming for solving some management and production problems [1]
      Application of particle swarms for project time-cost optimization [1]