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      3D Lattice Panels Based on the Concave Polyhedra of the Second Sort: Ideas for Architectural Ornaments [1]
      3D lattice panels based on the concave polyhedra of the second sort: ideas for architectural ornaments [1]
      3D modeling of material heating with the laser beam for cylindrical geometry [1]
      3d virtual modelling of existing objects by terrestrial photogrammetric methods - case study of Barutana [1]
      A computer verification of a conjecture about the Erdös-Mordell curve [1]
      A generalization of nil-clean rings [1]
      A Group Of Polyhedra Arised As Variations Of Concave Bicupolae Of Second Sort [1]
      A new characterization of Suškevič's problem on right zero divisors [1]
      A note on some Chebyshev related integer sequences [1]
      A Note on the Generalized Narayana’s Cows Sequence [1]
      A presentation method of students’ assignment in geometry-intersection of two surfaces of second order [1]
      A transformational property of the Husimi function and its relation to the Wigner function and symplectic tomograms [1]
      About planar sections of a type of egg curve based conoid [1]
      Accuracy of the objects modelling using terrestrial laser scanning technology [1]
      Acoustic-optic approach for the examination of materials condition in objects of cultural heritage [1]
      Additional motivation in education: Contemporary geometric analyzes of cultural heritage monuments [1]
      Affine Conform Planes as the Special Cases of General Collinear Planes [1]
      An additional student's task at Descriptive Geometry course [1]
      An additional students’ task at Descriptive Geometry [1]
      An analytical approach based on Green's function to thermal response factors for composite planar structure with experimental validation [1]