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dc.contributorTucikesic, Sanja
dc.contributorMilinkovic, Ankica
dc.contributorVasiljevic, Ivana
dc.contributorSlijepcevic, Mladen
dc.creatorBožić, Branko
dc.description.abstractGNSS technology tracks the movements of the Earth’s crust and its deformation with high accuracy over shorter spatial and temporal periods. Time series of GNSS coordinates are commonly used for geophysical research and have proven to be useful in the research of the cycles of seismic deformations which relate to the whole seismic cycle. The seismic of the Earth’s crust could have a great impact on engineering infrastructure. They can damage the objects or cause disaster. GNSS could provide useful information on the deformation of the Earth’s crust, which contributes to a better understanding of the occurrence of surface stresses. Earthquake activity is closely related to the dynamics of large tectonic plates. In the article, GNSS time series analysis was used to estimate coseismic displacements with high accuracy and reliability. The GNSS data analysis was related to earthquakes around Durres from January 20th, 2014 to November 28th, 2019, recorded at four permanent GNSS-stations (Ohrid, Dubrovnik, Lecce and Matera). The studied area covers the territory under the influence of the Adriatic microplate which is one of the most important drivers of tectonic processes in the area. The research of interrelation between seismic activity and continuous GNSS measurement could be very useful for earthquake studies and provide good information for designers of engineering projects and maintenance of
dc.publisherSpringer, Chamsr
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Technological Development (TD or TR)/36009/RS//sr
dc.sourceContributions to International Conferences on Engineering Surveying. Springer Proceedings in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Springersr
dc.subjectGNSS Time series Seismic deformations Earthquake Infrastructure utilitiessr
dc.titleGNSS Time Series as a Tool for Seismic Activity Analysis Related to Infrastructure Utilitiessr
dc.rights.holderSanja Tucikesicsr
dc.description.otherContributions to International Conferences on Engineering Surveying pp 246-256sr

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