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Analytic and experimental determination impulse response of single degree of freedom system467472
Circular Economy Innovation in Urban Infrastructure: Harnessing the Power of Solidified WWTP Sludge in Porous Concrete Pavements for Flood-Resilient Cities412565
Direct laser dynamic displacement measurement of structural response during testing398852
Application of geophysical and multispectral imagery data for predictive mapping of a complex geo‑tectonic unit: a case study of the East Vardar Ophiolite Zone, North‑Macedonia368099
Experimental testing of 3D printed concrete truss girder346186
Development of a tool for measuring the effect of surface roughness on steel structural response324611
An efficient model for 3D analysis of steel frames exposed to fire316232
Design cross-section resistances of perforated columns under compression313850
Numerical Modeling of Two Adjacent Interacting URM Structures290338
Simplified methodology for fatigue analysis of reinforced asphalt systems288182